Dr. Su's Pediatric Dental Practice in Canton offers a wide range of dental services for infants, children and teenagers, including preventative measures and important oral health education for young patients and their families.

Our goal is to provide your child with the best dental health through the caring delivery of the latest pediatric services and preventive care routines.

Kids Dentist, Dr. Su, in Canton

Early Childhood Dental Visits

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Academy of Pediatricians recommend that a child's first dental visit to occurs at 12 months of age. Children who have a dental visit by age 2 have far fewer dental problems than children who do not see a dentist for the first time until 5 years of age. At the initial visit Dr. Su and his staff will gather a medical history, provide dental health information and dietary counseling along with a detailed inspection of the infant’s mouth and jaw. Then Dr. Su will sit down with you to discuss ways to ensure that your child will have the best oral health for a lifetime. The new concept in oral health is the "Dental Home." A "Dental Home" means that your child's oral health care is delivered in a comprehensive, continuously accessible, coordinated and family-centered way. This starts with the infant dental visit and continues through preschool and elementary school into high school and even into college years. Dr. Su sees children of all ages, even through high school, to provide a long-term, stable, nurturing "Dental Home" for your children.

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