Dr. Su is well trained and has over 20 years of experience with conscious sedation. Using this technique, the child is given a mild oral sedative in a pleasant-tasting drink. This produces a relaxing effect for the child so that the necessary dental treatment can be completed. In most cases, the dental treatment can be completed in one visit.

Dr. Su also offers general anesthesia for his patients. However, this often requires treatment in an outpatient surgery center or in a hospital operating room and can be very, very expensive. Dr. Su rarely recommends this and usually only in the most extreme cases, but it is available if desired.

If your child unfortunately needs an extensive amount of dental treatment and you were advised to complete the treatment under general anesthesia, please feel free to contact Dr. Su's office if you would like a second opinion.

The state of Ohio requires that dentists who perform sedation procedures on children have a special license to do so. Dr. Su has met or exceeded all of these requirements even before they were enacted. The safety and health of our young patients are of the utmost importance in our office.

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